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Our mission is to accomplish the above goals while also providing the best possible work environment for our Kindred employees. Our company culture is the cornerstone differentiator that sets us apart from our competitors. Ours is a culture that fosters creativity, confidence, trust, faith-based service and accountability.

We support our fellow coworkers and challenge one another to be the very best.  Each employee at The Kindred House has a voice – employee thoughts, suggestions, and feedback are encouraged.  Our employees feel secure expressing themselves, asking questions, and making recommendations.

Our employees may serve in many different capacities and functions, but we are all working together towards the same common vision and goal of serving our residents in the best way possible. We are accountable to our residents and their families, as well as ourselves in achieving our goals.

- Our Core Values -

Our team is motivated by Personal Drive & Ambition:

    • Self-Motivation: The willingness to accomplish tasks, without applied external pressure.
    • Resilience: The ability to face challenges head-on, gaining understanding of problems and their solutions in the process.
    • Growth Mindset: One’s belief in his/her ability to experience continued growth, development, education and improvement in their current role.
    • Communication: The understanding that communication is the cornerstone or our relationships and success.
  • We practice Servant Leadership:
    • The role of a leader in our organization is to assist team members in their ability to thrive and overcome obstacles they may face, while setting an example of an excellent work ethic.
    • We encourage an autonomous environment, while readily available to assist when needed.
    • We work with an understanding of mutual respect and teamwork.
  • We have an Expectation of Greatness:
    • We hold ourselves accountable to strive for excellence in all aspects of our daily tasks.
    • We hold one another accountable to be committed to exemplary service delivered with integrity and a passion for excellence. 
  • We embrace and embody Personal Development:
    • We expect each person to be continuously working on becoming the best version of themselves as possible; mentally, physically and spiritually. 
  • With personal development, our work on ourselves will be exuded through more positive interactions, communication and actions with our residents and co-workers. 
  • Being a valued team member at The Kindred House is a privilege:
    • Entitlement is not in our vocabulary
    • There is never complacency in mediocrity. 

The Kindred House is always on the lookout for bright talent that is passionate about caring for the elderly and being part of a dynamic, fast paced team. For immediate consideration, please submit an inquiry to