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Adult Day Service offers support and encouragement to adults over the age of 18 during the day. We have two unique programs that are separate – one is focused on Senior Citizens and the other is adults with special needs. Either program can be a great option for adults who need support with activities of daily living or who are not safe at home alone during the day. You can reduce caregiver burnout, while your loved one enjoys an enriching daily experience. Participants may choose to attend as needed, a couple times a week or every day. Day Service is meant to be a pleasant addition to your loved one’s day full of enrichment, socialization, and care.

Safety and security are at the core of everything we do at The Kindred House. Our Day Service participants benefit from a safe, secure environment free of the risks they may encounter alone at home.


Short Stay Service is an expanded version of Day Service. Oftentimes a primary caregiver needs some time away for a vacation or family obligation. Our Short Stay Service allows for guests to come stay at The Kindred House for one to thirty nights. They enjoy all the benefits and amenities of The Kindred House including 24/7 assistance and a private room for resting during the evening.

What Is Included in Day & Short Stay Service?

Our guests for both Day and Short Stay enjoy a custom tailored program of activities that fit their interests, abilities, and lifestyle. Our focus is to create an interactive experience that enriches the lives of our guests within a safe environment. Participation in our program encourages social opportunities with their peers which fosters friendships and combats loneliness at home.

What Are the Benefits?

Our programs complement life at home by providing engaging experiences and opportunities for meaningful social connections. The benefits include:

  • Engagement: Remain physically, socially, and mentally active.
  • Safety: Spending all day home alone can be challenging for people with health matters. Within our program, participants enjoy the safety and security of experienced team members within a community environment.
  • Happiness: The Kindred House can help remedy loneliness and isolation, providing enriching opportunities to form new friendships and bonds with their peers.
  • Nutrition: Food is at the heart of the home and that remains true at The Kindred House. Our meals are tailored to dietary needs and restrictions, all menus are approved by a dietary consultant specializing in specialized diets.


Adult Day Service doesn’t just improve life for our program participants. It also offers support to loved ones and caregivers, including:

  • Reduced stress: Knowing that your loved one is safe provides peace of mind.
  • Caregiving breaks: No caregiver can handle everything, everyday. Self-care is critical to your ability to care for your loved one, and that means taking some time for yourself.
  • Strength in Numbers: Knowing you have an ally in the care of your loved one is just the beginning.  Partnering with us adds additional value and broadens the type of care your loved one receives.  When we are all in this together, your loved one receives the best of both worlds.

Is Our Program Right for Your Loved One?

If you are considering our program for your loved one, here are some indicators that it could be a strong fit:

– Your loved one is increasingly lonely or disengaged.

You feel overwhelmed by the demands of caregiving.

– You need an ally to provide care for your loved one.

– Your loved one needs extra support during the day.

– Your loved one is no longer safe unsupervised.

– Your loved one has a fall risk.

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